Ways to Fight Boredom While Stuck at Home
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Stuck at home? We've got your back!

Here are 10 fun ideas to keep yourselves occupied while quarantined at home. Enjoy!

1. Build a pillow fort! Now's the time to let your inner child show. Grab all the pillows and blankets in the house and stack them up until you have a cave worth hibernating in.

2. Now's a great time to grab those board games out of your closet where they've been collecting dust, clean them off, and have a blast with your family.

3. Ever heard of cookie Jenga? You can use homemade or store bought cookies- whatever you have. Stack them together in rows of 3 and take turns removing cookies. When you successfully remove one without knocking the tower over, you get to eat that cookie! Just be sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly before this game...

4. Watch a movie or TV show on mute and add your own dialogue! For some extra fun, combine this one with #1 and watch the show IN your pillow fort!

5. Have a family yoga session. Young kids at home? There are videos specifically for kids to help them learn yoga! Fun for everyone.

6. Dig out all your most fun clothes, everyone dress up funny, fancy, or anything else, and have a family fashion show! Put on some tunes and have a designated catwalk for everyone to show off their creations.

7. Hone your jumprope skills! Maybe you can learn how to cross it, or learn some double dutch songs.

8. Plan a scavenger hunt around your house and/or yard. You can have hidden items to find, or maybe just have certain things each team has to find around the house fastest. This is when being the one who cleans up comes really in handy!

9. Make crafts out of random items you have in the house! Empty toilet paper rolls? Paper plates? Pinecones? All have tons of craft potential!

10. Have a poetry bash! Everyone in the household writes a poem, either about a specific topic or totally freeform, then performs it for the rest of the family. Remember, snaps instead of claps are preferred in a poetry bash.

At Power Chem-Dry, we are committed to keeping your families happy and healthy. We hope these ideas will be beneficial to you during this time of being homebound!